Household Products

Care for the environment, your family and your house with our range of Eco-friendly household products.

It's all too easy to automatically pick up the same old products when shopping at the supermarket rather than making the switch to eco-friendly cleaning products.  So it pays to understand why we should be choosing green cleaning products to clean our home.

Many generic cleaning products are toxic, and while the remove dirt and bacteria they leave unhealthy chemicals behind.  Hazardous substances are commonly used as additives in everyday cleaning products such as dish washer tablets, multi surface cleaners, washing powders & toilet cleaners. Furthermore when you flush the toilet, or pour drain un-blocker away, these hazardous chemicals go directly into our water cycle and pollute flora and fauna.

Eco home cleaners have dramatically reduced amounts of harmful substances in them, whilst being environmentally responsible and in many cases biodegradable.  With Eco-friendly cleaning products you can reduce your family's exposure.

Our range includes products by Earth Friendly, Ecover, Method and Veggie Wash.